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Building an Empire While Maintaining Motherhood

As any woman will tell you, being a mom is a consuming, full-time job, yet there are plenty of women who seem to effortlessly do it while running a business, volunteering, and hitting the gym five days a week.

Who are these superwomen and how do they do it?

According to Los Angeles singer, entrepreneur and mother Conchita Leeflang, the secret is actually very simple and can be summed up in one word: balance.

“I love being on stage and I never thought of stopping my career, but it’s all about balance. I’m a mom first,” said Leeflang who has a nine-year-old daughter.

What that means is that while she didn’t give up her career when she became a mom, she did make adjustments that allow her to do all the things she’s passionate about in a way that works with the realities of being a mother.

“When my daughter was first born, I took a break from performing,” she explained. “I wrote songs, started a baby clothing line and began to think about the business I now have in the beauty industry.”

As her daughter got older, Leeflang gradually returned to performing, but with one important boundary.

“If I can’t bring her, I won’t do it,” she explained. “I won’t do anything that takes away from her.”

So far Leeflang has been lucky, and she’s been able to spend a few days performing with her daughter by her side. In fact, her daughter is a budding singer and actress as well so she understands the business, as does the school she attends in Los Angeles. So far it hasn’t been an issue to pull her daughter out for a few days here and there.

“I grew up with a parent who was an ambassador (Her father was the Suriname Ambassador to Belgium) so I grew up traveling, that was normal,” she said.

As a young child, Leeflang’s father was an entertainer, and one of her favorite childhood memories was singing with her father and grandfather. While her father eventually traded the stage for the political arena, Leeflang never outgrew her love of performing and was discovered in a school talent show and scored a record deal at age 16.

While Leeflang quickly recorded several hits, she simultaneously started pursuing an acting and modeling. In her earlier 20s, she was offered a big modeling job and moved to Los Angeles.

As a model, one of Leeflang’s most defining features were her eyes. She was a fan of lash extensions before it became trendy.

“I used to use individual lashes, but they pulled my own lashes out,” she explained. “People suggested strip lashes, but they were difficult for me to master. I couldn’t apply them correctly.”

Leeflang began scouring the Internet for an applicator tool for lashes, but couldn’t find a single one. So, as is often the impetus for entrepreneurship, she decided to create one and Eye Am Conchita was born.

After several years spent refining several prototypes, Leeflang launched the company this year.

“Because my daughter is always my first priority, I had to move slowly with the business because I wanted balance,” she said. “If you have a dream it’s ok to do it slow, as long as you do it right.”

The applicator tool gives every woman the ability to apply false eyelashes in minutes and can even be used while the woman is wearing glasses. The genius lies in the 90-degree angle of the tool.

“Everybody gets certain chances in life. Don’t be lazy and don’t give up easy,” Leeflang said.

By prioritizing and balancing, any woman can achieve whatever “having it all” means to her.

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