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Eye-Am Conchita by Con-Lee Lashes Beverly Hills

Con-Lee Lashes International LLC was founded by platinum recording artist Conchita Leeflang. After creating a company selling 3D mink lashes, she ran into the always hard question asked. "But why not an easier way to apply the lashes?” And “what do people do who wear glasses?"

That's when she created and patented an applicator "Lash-App” that doesn't only apply lashes faster and with more accuracy, but also for people who wear glasses. Aside from the applicator attachment applying the lashes, there is also an attachment that will curl your own lashes. The material of the applicator is light, made from FDA approved materials and made in the USA.

The eyeliner glue is a great addition to the applicator, because you can just apply the liner, and place the lashes right on top of it without  any messy glue. The lashes are light, comfortable, most luxurious hand crafted 3D mink lashes made with 100% mink fur and cruelty free. They are created with a 3D design which makes it flow like they're your own. We also have the amazing 3D silk lashes as well as the latex free glue. 

Our lashes are made from naturally fallen fur.


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Con-Lee Lashes International, LLC

  • E-mail: support@eyeamconchita.com
  • Tel: 1-800-24-EYELASH (1-800-243-9352)