Frequently Asked Questions

Can the applicator be used while wearing glasses?

Yes, the applicator was mainly created with people in mind who wear glasses. It is absolutely okay if you have to lift your glasses up a little, as long as you are still able to see how you apply the lashes.

Can I keep my eyes open while I apply the lashes with the Lash-App?

Yes, it is always better to keep your eyes wide open so you can see where you place it. Because it is added from the side instead of in front of your eyes, it makes it easier to line it up.

Can I use my own glue, and does it have to be eyeliner glue?

You can absolutely use you own strip lash adhesive. Just make sure that you let it dry at least 2 to 3 minutes depending which glue you use. Or until sticky to the touch. It does not have to be an eyeliner glue. A normal lash glue is fine. 

Can the eyeliner glue be used with any brand of lashes, even if not bought at your store?

Yes, the eyeliner glue can be used with any brand or type of strip lashes. It does not have to be from the Eye-Am Conchita brand

What material is the Applicator made of and why?

The applicator is made of an FDA approved plastic called ABS. It is very durable yet, very light so it doesn't feel heavy when holding it on the side of the face.

Where is the applicator made?

The Applicator is made in California, USA.

Can other strip lashes be used with the applicator?

Yes, any type of strip lashes can be used, but ticker strips like the 3D silk, vegan or mink lashes get a better grip.

How many colors do the Lash-Apps come in?

For right now they come in 4 different colors.

Are the mink lashes really cruelty free?

Yes, 100%. No animal is hurt or confined. it is all from naturally fallen fur. That's why we don't always have a lot in stock.

What are the Vegan lashes made off?

Our Faux Mink lashes are the vegan friendly option and a premium type of synthetic lashes that mimics the quality and finesse of real Mink lashes.